I help real estate agents create a simple lead generation system to attract and connect with potential clients without creating endless content.

Would you like unlimited opportunities to connect with your target audience? Try adding audio marketing into your mix. Audio assets allow you to speak to your audience any time, at their convenience. You can create a more personal interaction to promote your offers.Whether you want to launch a traditional podcast, host a webinar, or convert your existing marketing assets to a private audio feed, I can help you with everything from aligning your message to the technical details.Let’s showcase your expertise and unique personality through the powerful medium of audio.

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Agent Audio Advantage
Using my 4-part framework, I help you narrow your niche and create the messaging to connect with your ideal client. Together, we will turn this content into 4-6 audio-only podcast episodes to share on a private platform. I’ll set up the marketing system that will capture emails, send out the link to your private podcast, and follow up with your audience through an email sequence.
Podcast Launch
Bring your idea and I'll help you with everything needed to turn it into a podcast.
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Webinar Set-Up Package
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Google My Business Profile Audit $49Google My Business Profile Set-Up & Optimization

Are You Doing Online Marketing Wrong?

You might think that online marketing means:
• Your Facebook business page
• Your Instagram page
• Posting Linkedin articles
• Your blog
• Youtube videos
But that’s not true!Online marketing is a strategic, step-by-step process that guides potential clients toward purchasing. It's designed to nurture leads, build trust, and convince prospects to become paying customers.This system is called a “Marketing Funnel,” and it is the backbone of effective online marketing.
It starts with offering a free piece of high-value content in exchange for someone’s email address. The email address enters your automated system that delivers the content and provides follow-up.
Some of the benefits of a marketing funnel are:
• Increased conversion rates: Unlike social media posts, a marketing funnel is designed to convert potential clients into paying customers. By guiding prospects through the various stages of the funnel, you increase the likelihood of a sale.
• Better targeting: With a marketing funnel, you can better target your audience and create content that speaks directly to their needs and pain points. This targeted approach leads to better engagement and, ultimately, more sales.• Greater Return on Investment (ROI): By focusing on a specific audience and creating a structured approach to lead nurturing, you can achieve a higher ROI with a marketing funnel.When you use this system, your marketing efforts will be more efficient and effective, increasing revenue and profits.An effective funnel is what makes the difference for realtors who are merely posting endlessly on social media versus those that are attracting quality leads and closing deals.The first step to a successful funnel is finding the right piece of free content to offer. It needs to focus on a specific audience, communicate your value and expertise as a realtor, and stand out from what everyone else is doing.With the right strategy in place, you create your personal marketing system that allows you to show up as your authentic self. You will naturally attract the people that resonate with you the most and these will be your ideal clients.


I have over 20 years of marketing and communications experience and can help you design your unique message to deliver to your audience via a podcast. I can guide you through the strategic, creative, and technical aspects of podcasting.In my free time, you’ll likely find me with my nose in a book, listening to podcasts while I walk on the nature trail behind my house, or watching animal Tik Tok videos with my teenager.

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